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A Unique Day – 38 Years – 13,879 Nights


A Cooperative Effort

Holiday Wreath Making

David makes the wire frames and cuts branches from our Leyland Cypress trees; we have several. I divide the branches into usable pieces and wire them on to the frames.



Compare and Contrast

On Monday it was 70° and sunny we had to open the sides of the tunnels. On Wednesday it snowed everything was doubled covered and closed up tight.









Do You Know What Day This Is?


West End Community Market

Today –Tuesday – 3 pm until 6 pm

What is coming to market ?

Holiday Wreaths

Cherry Belle Radishes


Homegrown Produce  –  

  • greens  Black Kale,  Swiss Chard, Mizuna, Komatsuna,Pak Choi , greens mix – Blue Scotch Kale and spinach,
  • root crops –  White Lady turnips by the quart (no tops), radishes, beets with greens 
  • peppers  – hot
  • fresh herbs  –  not today


see side panel for directions – click on address for map

West End Community Market

Don’t Forget!

Tomorrow 3 pm until 6 pm

market_112414_greenhouse2growing bed in greenhouse

see side panel for directions – click on address for map 

Arctic Blast

This week, because of the arctic blast, David spent a lot of time monitoring the temperatures of the greenhouse and the winter tunnels. The outside temperatures reached 16°, our lowest, on Tuesday night. All of our plants in the tunnels survived but some of our outside plants were burned by the cold.


The cold air burned the greens of our White Lady turnips and Siberian kale.


After weeding David waters plants in tunnel B.



No rest for the weary, there is still work to be done during the winter months.


I am still germinating seeds and transplanting seedlings. These tender things are moved from the greenhouse to the basement at night.