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Such A Nice Guy II

454,490 people have signed this petition in less than two weeks.

Think about signing it.


Granlund has a good cartoon about the travel ban. It was posted on the 31 st.

In The Beginning


Farm Journal – week of

Jan 22 2017 – Jan 28 2017















David cleaned up all the plants that were damaged by the 9°F temperatures that we experienced in December. The Russian kale took the abuse and still looks good






I started cutting paper rolls to make planting pots.

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow


Such A Nice Guy

Nice Guy –“this is a country where we speak English, not Spanish”.

This from a man whose first language is Twitter speak.


Think about signing the first petition before it disappears.

Shell We


Water, Water Everywhere





On our last day David could not resist the urge to tempt fate. His original intent for wading out into deeper water was to get a gallon of sea water to study at home.  He was not satisfied just to get his feet wet, he had to take a quick dunk. He was the only human to venture beyond the cold lapping waves that spread across the beach.



Sunrise Sunset