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A Taxing Experience


David sits in front of the wooding burning stove, in our garden shed, calculating our expenses for 2014.


50 days

West End Community Market

Today –Tuesday – 3 pm until 6 pm

Catch of the Day – the Man or the Mizuna?

Homegrown Produce  –  

  • greens – bags of mixed mustard, Swiss chard, baby spinach and green Mizuna,
  • root crops – radishes 
  • peppers  – hot
  • fresh herbs – arugula


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West End Community Market

Tomorrow –Tuesday – 3 pm until 6 pm

Don’t Forget!


What is growing?


see side panel for directions – click on address for map


We live on the east  side of a mountain. On the Winter Solstice, the sun set here at 3 pm. Today, about a month later, it set at 3:45 pm. The days are getting longer. Think Spring



54 days

Block Head

fj_12315_soil_blockIn our effort to reduce our dependence on plastic we finally ordered a soil block maker. To our surprise it was on sale when we ordered it on Monday from Johnny’s Seeds. To our dismay it was missing one dibble when it arrived yesterday. David called the company and a replacement will be sent to us. Now we are in another holding pattern, a wait and see situation.

A number of my associates speak highly of this company. However, I find its seeds to be a bit pricey and its shipping and handling charges are excessive.


Tag You’re It!

We do not use removable tags for labeling our plants. We learned a long time ago that tags get moved, break, or just plain disappear.  We fixed that problem by writing on the containers with indelible markers.

Today I started another tray of Asian greens. After marking off the rows I number them. I keep a written record of which seed is in which row, along with the date and ID of the tray. I also mark the seed packet with the date, tray ID and row number.


B 2015 – tray ID


Think Spring


57 days