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Crab Apple


Another Perspective


The republicans are trying to repeal and replace Obama Care with

Trump Don’t Care.

Only A Matter Of Time

 One Perspective


Where is the Righteous Indignation?

Enter At Your Own Risk


Coming Soon

A Matter of Perspective

Oh no! Not another one. Can’t they keep her away from that keyboard?

Not yet but the The Censor in Chief is working on it.


Count Down + +

Spring is on  Monday, 20 March 2017

25 days remain till Spring


The Wrath of Con

Getting Political Again

Sorry folks, I just can’t keep my brain suppressed

 and my fingers off the keys.



6 oz. yogurt cups and paper tubes or (Tadoot-dadoos) any size

TP, towel, gift wrap

Save them for us. We should be back to the West End Market

in the middle of March, if not sooner.