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First Market of Season


What’s Growing?




 peas and swiss chard


What Does Local Mean?


 When considering the source of your locally grown food what does local mean?

Does it mean food homegrown in Roanoke County and the surrounding counties of

Franklin, Floyd, Montgomery, Craig, Botetourt, and Bedford

 Or does it mean food grown in

 Southwestern Virginia, South West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, Eastern Tennessee, and Northwestern North Carolina

Or does it mean food grown in

the States of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina

Or does it mean food grown on

the East Coast or the East Coast and the Central States

Or does it mean food grown in

the United States or

on The Continent of North American?


Define Local – Buy Homegrown from Homegrown Farmers

Corrupting the Meaning of Local

What is a Carpetbagger?


Opportunistic or Exploitive outsiders who fill up their carpetbags with money from our local economy and take it to another State or several counties away


Defend Our Local Economy


West End Community Market

Today – Tuesday – 3 pm until 6 pm                                                                               

Plants –  

Homegrown Produce   Swiss Chard,  spinach, kale, Ruby Mizuna, mustard

Baked goods – out of season –  special orders accepted


see side panel for directions – click on address for map



A Bit Pretentious?

“We encourage all local food vendors to participate. This market will attract the right customers and bring much excitement to the local food movement in Southwestern Virginia.”

Farm to Table Roanoke at Greenbrier Nurseries

Vendor Prospectus

Who exactly are the “right customers”? I did not know there were any wrong customers.