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Vernal Equinox – 6:28 am

What is it all about?


It Is Fixed


Farm Journal – week of

March 12 2017 – March 18 2017  



David finished fixing the tiller.

He started to work up the area were tunnel B was and is  incorporating  it into the area next to it, enlarging our new B patch.








These seedlings have been waiting to be planted out but the weather has delayed that. They will be going into the ground shortly.




Tomato seedlings waiting to be transplanted.





Still Counting Down

Spring is on  Monday, 20 March 2017

4 days remain till Spring


Still Working on Tiller


Farm Journal – week of

March 5 2017 – March 11 2017  



David replaced the motor on the tiller.

Because he was missing a few parts he had to go to Valley Power for replacements.

Valley Power is the oldest Troy Built dealer in the U.S.









They have moved three times since we started utilizing their services in 1980. This is one of their more interesting locations.








In Honor of International  “Old Fuck” Day David unloaded half a ton of compost.


Beware! The George Carlin video is only posted for the enjoyment of the liberal minded.



Count Down

Spring is on  Monday, 20 March 2017

9 days remain till Spring


First of the Month


Farm Journal – week of

Feb 26 2017 – March 4 2017  



The first of the month means mulch time again.

David cleaning the truck after unloading mulch.

One of our blueberry patches was  the beneficiary of this month’s load17_35_mulch











The peas received their first string.




Farm Journal – week of

Feb 19 2017 – Feb 25 2017  



David  put up the trellis for the grapes, worked on the tiller and pruned some more trees.

I continued to germinate  seeds.