Word(s) of the Day

Power Play



tactics exhibiting or intended to increase a person’s power or influence.

New Category – Word(s) of the Day


Vendor Equality


Democratic Concept

equal access and equal exposure



West End Farmers Market

 Today – Tuesday – 3 pm until 6 pm


Greens – kale and Stonehead cabbage

Plants – cabbage, collards, nasturtiums (not blooming), pea seedlings and few purple cauliflower.


see side panel for directions – click on address for map



———Purple Cauliflower Seedlings Available

West End Farmers Market


wanted paper rolls and yogurt cups 


Vernal Equinox – 6:28 am

What is it all about?



It Is Fixed


Farm Journal – week of

March 12 2017 – March 18 2017  



David finished fixing the tiller.

He started to work up the area were tunnel B was and is  incorporating  it into the area next to it, enlarging our new B patch.








These seedlings have been waiting to be planted out but the weather has delayed that. They will be going into the ground shortly.




Tomato seedlings waiting to be transplanted.