Getting Political

2016 – Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right, stuck in the Middle with Whom?

First Draft 3/3/16

Edited 3/5/16

Final Draft (maybe)  3/7/16

There is an old adage that recommends, for the sake of civility, never discussing politics or religion and confining ones comments to the weather. Unfortunately in our world today most topics have veins of political and religious beliefs running through them, even the weather. In order to keep from get into protracted, contentious conversations I have bitten my tongue so many times that it’s amazing that I still have one. However, things have changed.

I am extremely disappointed with all of the candidates who are running for the Presidency. Some have a few good ideas but are too far to the left and some are way too far to the right. One is an expert on braggadocio and another who has the experience and seems to be qualified, has a haughty public persona.

Perhaps, before the election I will state my reasons why Hillary Clinton, her village, her Kumbaya Community, aka supporters, and her Democratic Party rub me the wrong way but, for now Donald Trump is the subject of this commentary.

For the past few months I have been writing a letter that will eventually be sent to the Administrator of the VA hospital about David’s on going treatment for cancer. I may eventually post that letter here but don’t hold your breath, it is another work in progress.  However, since I was already in a contentious mood when Donald Trump jumped the fence into my backyard it was a short trip for my fingers to the warmed letters of my key board.

Our son Lucas graduated from Radford University, so when Mr. Trump came to southwestern Virginia, my metaphorical backyard, and selected Lucas’ alma mater for his rally, my K9 security mode kicked in. My ears pricked up, my nose twitched, and my eyes detected his every move. I listened to his rhetoric, observed his body language and beheld the adulation of his followers as he commanded the removal of numerous individuals from his omnipresence. I watched and listened until my gray matter screamed for mercy.

Exhausted, I turned off the Live Stream to give my molested brain a reprieve only to have my synapse snap, crackle and pop, flooding my head with the following rhetorical questions.

  1. Based on his behavior at his Radford University rally, will Mr. Trump’s approach to unifying the country involve the deportation of anyone who disagrees with him and his philosophy?
  2. Does Mr. Trump really believe that the Radford students he addressed are putting themselves in debt working towards a college degree so they can apply for one of the manufacturing jobs that he will bring back into our country?
  3. Does he understand that his tariffs will adversely affect the American worker and our economy when the costs of his tariffs are passed on to the consumer?
  4. If the world population is 7 billion and the US only makes up 300 million of that, does Mr. Trump really believe that Carrier is that desperate for our business?——————————————-3516_trump2
  5. Will “The Trump Wall”, which he will make Mexico pay for, have revolving doors to allow these migrant farm workers in and out of our country?
  6. Does Mr. Trump realize that Mexico can lock those doors and make us pick our own food?3516_trump3a
  7. Is Mr. Trump planning on banning migrant farm workers from our country and busing the nation’s unemployed out into the fields to harvest our crops?—————
  8. Will Mr. Trump guarantee them a middle class wage for their labor?- links below
  9. Does Mr. Trump arrogantly believe that it is his way or no way?
  10. Is he blinded to the fact that individuals, businesses and other countries have options?

Recently a young woman asked what I thought of Donald Trump. I told her I thought Mr. Trump was a Trojan Horse. I could tell by her expression that she did not understand what I was alluding to. Later I chuckled to myself when I realized that she probably thought I was referring to a condom.

A Trojan Horse is a ruse. A subterfuge intended to gain the confidence of an ill-informed prey. The Greeks used one to lure the Trojans into a false sense of security only to have their world destroyed when night fell. If Mr. Trump’s supporters manage to roll their Trojan Horse past the White House gates and into the Oval Office what will be their reward when night falls? Con  under “Put American Workers First”