Getting Political Again

20 Feb 2017

Edited 21 Feb 2017

     Back in the day, when I watched TV, I saw a couple of boxing matches, other than Muhammad Ali’s. In those fights, one boxer beat the hell out of the other. But in each match, the decision went to the boxer who hardly raised a glove. I was stunned. Obviously, there were political aspects to pro boxing of which I was unaware.

     If I had left my knowledge of these events up to the sports writers, my opinion would have been different. However, over the years, events with results like these have strengthened my resolve to formulate my own opinions without the aid of the press. Still I have been known to change my mind after reading a well written article that made valid points that I had not considered.

     The President of our country has been belittling the press or news media for months. He is entitled to his opinion. However, once he placed his hand on his bibles and pledged to …“preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” it became his responsibility to protect the freedom of the press.

     When the President tweeted that the news media “…is the enemy of the American People!” he not only undermined the first amendment of the constitution he made a mockery of his presidential oath.

     If the president does not find the Constitution to his liking, he needs to start the process to change it. This could take years. In the meantime he has a legal obligation to uphold the Constitution in its entirety.

     On Thursday  February 16th, during a work break, my husband came across a live-stream of the President’s news conference. We sat for over an hour shaking our heads in disbelief at the infuriating inane statements of the Commander In Chief. Having grown up during the saber rattling of the Cold War, the President’s comment about the Russian ship off our shore shook us both to our core.

“… The greatest thing I could do is shoot that ship that’s 30 miles off shore right out of the water.

         Everyone in this country’s going to say “oh, it’s so great.” *

      No, no, no, it would not be great.

     Some of his minions, the ones who cruise around oozing testosterone, in their oversize pick-up trucks with open carry side arms and gun racks visible through their back windows and itching for a confrontation, might think an illegal, unprovoked attack on a nuclear powerhouse is a great thing, but it is not.

     After the press conference, I read numerous analyses of this event. Some wrote about the President’s genius and his mastery over the press. Others saw a self-centered egotist who ranted and raved his way through the 77 minutes of air time. I saw a pompous bully who was having “a good time”* demeaning and insulting a room full of people who were trying to do their jobs.

     Someone referred to this event as a “Stress Conference”; how apropos. In my sixty seven years, although I might have disagreed with their politics, I was never afraid of the man at the top, until now.

     The President is an unpleasant, derisive individual who does not inspire confidence in his abilities. He seems to relish division. While he panders to his cult on the right, he leaves the rest of the nation to wander through the 140 character wasteland of his mind.

     The President is wrong. The news media is not “the enemy of the American People.” He is.





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