The Wrath of Con


I use to write commentaries and letters to the editor, most of which were published. However, since the editorial staff at the newspaper butchered my last entry by removing eighty words and three ideas before it was published, I have given up that practice. I understand the need to change or eliminate words, but the purging of ideas is not editing, it is censorship.

So now when my ire is irked by the incredibly arrogant, the condescending, the complacent or the just plain stupid, I will post my rants on my “The Wrath of Con” pages.

  1. Buyer beware: The Duplicitous Nature of Natural

  2. The Laugh A Minute Sustainability Factor 

  3. An Acquired Taste a Two Way Street

  4. Historical Perspective 

  5. Of Mice, Men and Thermophilic Bacteria

  6. Getting Political

  7. Getting Political 2

  8. Getting Political 101

  9. Getting Political Again

  10. Only A Matter Of Time

  11. For Whom The bell Tolls

  12. Prolog

  13. When the Violence Begins