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Cilantro –


is an herbaceous plant. Its leaves are the herb called cilantro and the seed that it produces is the spice coriander.

The two main environmental factors that influence cilantro to bolt and produce seeds are its photoperiod and its sensitivity to ambient temperature.

The photoperiod of regular cilantro is 12 hours of daylight. This factor, when combined with high temperatures of about 75°F, will induce regular cilantro to flower and produce seeds.

Planting cilantro in pots and controlling its exposure to sunlight will help to lengthen its viability.

‘Slow bolt’ cilantro is less sensitive to these factors and more suitable for growing in the summer. However, it will bolt and successive plantings are recommended.


Word of the Day

Photoperiodism –

is the physiological reaction of plants to the length of day, light, or the length of night, darkness.  There are three types of photoperiods or critical lengths for flower production, short day, long day and day-neutral.

Example – spinach – long day

It has a critical day length of 13 hours.

Today the day length is 12 hours 49 minutes.

Once the day length is 13 hours long expect the spinach in your garden to bolt and become bitter.


Word of the Day – Putin

cartoon posted 30 march


Word of the Day


a missed guided concept

Another feel good term used by some who think throwing out the baby with the bathwater is acceptable and who do not understand the Theory of Evolution or the science that proves it.

The genetically modified organism is not the problem. What the organism is used for after it has been modified is the problem.

eg. Sprayed with glyphosate (cancer risk) or modified to produce insulin, Factor VIII
and beta-carotene for Vitamin A  (lifesaving)


Word(s) of the Day

Sustainable Farming


agriculture concept

a feel good term loosely used by some organic growers to overlook the fact that plastic mulch and row covers pollute the environment.

The Biggest Source Of Plastic Trash You’ve Never Heard Of

Influence of row Covers on Heavy Metal Accumulation in Chinese Cabbage




Word of the Day




farm products grown or produced by the vendor selling them

Word(s) of the Day

Power Play



tactics exhibiting or intended to increase a person’s power or influence.