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Good News


  “You Can’t Kill Me MFers”– Samuel L. Jackson – A Long Kiss Goodnight

Finally, after waiting 98 days to find out if a growth found in David’s abdomen is cancer, his biopsy came back negative. He will still need to be monitored but for now things are looking good .



A Year ago today David had his surgery.

So far so good but, it is still a wait and see situation.


Never the Same Again


A year ago yesterday David found out he had rectal cancer. After fifty days of waiting for treatment, six weeks of chemo and radiation, an operation that left a nine inch scar, eleven weeks of dealing with an Ileostomy bag, another surgery to remove it, and now trying to find the new normal of his bodily functions, the prognosis is good.

Unfortunately the waiting persists; the dark cloud of cancer is always lurking on the horizon. It may be gone but it is definitely not forgotten.

Meanwhile David is researching better ways to make his composting efforts more efficient. He may even post his findings on his  page “David’s Journal” or he may not. Stay tuned!


  “You Can’t Kill Me MFers” – Samuel L. Jackson – A Long Kiss Goodnight

Home Again

David came home from the hospital today. The surgical procedures went well.  He will need to be closely monitored for the next 5 years before he is considered to be cancer free.


West End Community Market

Today – Tuesday – 3 pm until 6 pm                                                                               

 Because of David’s surgery yesterday, we will not be at market today. We hope to be there next week.



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The Beginning was the End



Yesterday David had his last radiation treatment; the last five of which were concentrated directly on the tumor.

Now his back side is glowing cherry red and smarts to the touch. This side effect should only last a few weeks.

His other side effect, constant bathroom breaks, should subside by then as well.

In about six weeks David will go under the knife to see if this course of treatment worked.




Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow


David bade Wilson farewell yesterday.


Castaway is David’s favorite movie.

This clip is too short.

You need to watch the entire movie to get the full effect.