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Up-Date BMSB


We believe that the freeze we had this past spring kept the BMSB’s numbers down this year. Although they have decimated the black-eye patch and are attacking the wild asparagus fern, until this week, their damage, in the rest of the garden, has been minimal.

They are starting to hit the tomato patch on their way into the house. One thing I have learned is to leave the tomatoes they are attacking on the vine. Keeping these tomatoes in place keeps the BMSB from moving on to new targets


trap 1



trap 2



Trap 3 – all 3 traps are in the black-eye patch



wild  asparagus



Here’s looking at you kid!





Grandin Village Community Market

Today- Saturday – 8 am until Noon         


Homegrown Produce – new potatoes – Kennebec and Red Chieftain, green beans – Roma and Derby, Italian heirloom onions – Tropeana Lunga and Small amounts of – cucumbers, baby squash, shelled black-eyes peas, tomatoes, bell and frying peppers, eggplant

Interesting arachnid

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Argiope aurantia – Writing spider

 see side panel for directions – click on address for map


West End Community Market

Today –Tuesday – 3 pm until 6 pm

Plants –   

Homegrown Produce  –  new potatoes – Kennebec and Red Chieftain, green beans – Contender, Roma and Derby, Italian heirloom onions – Tropeana Lungaand cucumbers, Small amounts of  – baby squash, shelled black-eyes peas, tomatoes, eggplant and 1 bunch beets

 What is Growing ?

Interesting Caterpillar

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whats_growing_caterpillar2   whats_growing_caterpillar


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The BMSB Wars – Another Year



22 June 2014

My Spanish Musica pole beans were decimated by a deer. The few that managed to escaped, the ravenous beast, I left to mature and dry for next year’s seed. Unfortunately the stink bug wars have begun. I have crushed a number of matting adults and hundreds of babies on the vines.

Week of 6 July – They are starting to invade the black-eye peas in force. Black-eyes are one of their favorite meals.

To be continued…

The Unusual Suspects – 2


The Biggest We Have Ever Seen

5.5 to 6 inches


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 Mantodea – Praying Mantis – Predator

The Unusual Suspects (insects)


First Encounter


Arilus cristatus – Wheel Bug – Predator