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Week of March 23rd – 29th


Over the weekend, Lucas removed the Privet hedge brush that he cut down last weekend. Also, under his dad’s close supervision, Lucas pruned one of our plum trees.

We prepared for market on Monday because Tuesday’s early weather was going to be inhospitable and it was. We were concerned that we would not make it to market because of the snow. However, it stopped in time and although our road was slushy, once we drove down the mountain, the valley’s roads were clear.

David transplanted his onions into the growing beds in the green house. It took him a few days because he tires quickly.

I set out a lot of greens but still have  many more to plant. I also started our peppers and eggplants.


waiting for better weather

Week of March 16th – 22nd


The first part of the week was too cold and wet to do anything but fret.  We had an ice storm and I beat the ice off the tunnels twice and hoped they would make it through the night; they did. I lost 2 trays of tomato seedlings, 14 varieties, to a disease caused by these cold damp conditions.

Later in the week, I replanted the low tunnel with more greens.  The only plants that survived last week’s wind event, which uncovered the low tunnel, were some Ruby Mizuna and Frilly Mustard.

I also set out our 2nd planting of pea seedlings and filled another bed with greens. Because of the impending wintery weather I will have to double cover everything.

Lucas came in for the weekend and helped David with some chores.



Because the trellis shaded the high tunnel during the shortest days of winter and the ground on its north side is taking its sweet time drying out, I removed most of the boards from its top. I left a few boards to help maintain its shape but not cast a  wide shadow on the ground. The canes on either side, between the posts, are red raspberries.

Week of March  9th – 15th


David was in the hospital from Monday morning until Friday morning, when he was discharged.

The boys came in to help while their dad was out of commission.  They cut down and dug up the roots of our deciduous Privet hedge to clear the way for a row of “Green Giant” evergreen trees.

Lucas tilled up three different beds.  I sowed one with ground cover and, because of impending wet weather; I covered the others with plastic in hopes of keeping them dry.


brush and roots from Privet hedge
now we need a chipper



Tilled and ready to plant, but wait, it is going to snow, sleet or rain. Blast!


Week of March 2nd – 8th


David surgery is scheduled for March the 10th because he will be incapacitated for a while, he tried to complete a few jobs he had been working on. He mixed a large amount of potting soil; now we have bags of the stuff in every nook and cranny.  David also planted four gate posts but unfortunately he was not able to construct the gates. He did manage to rig a temporary gate for one of the openings and blocked the other with some lattice. Meanwhile, I germinated more tomato seeds and maintained my vegetable seedlings, anticipating the day I can set them out.


When David is not working he is usually reading.Here he is reading “The Monk in the Garden” to me.

Week of February 23 rd – March 1st


David was our mechanic this week. He changed the transmission filter on our truck and the plugs in the car. The car is only 16 but it is not ageing well. With 182,000 miles on her odometer, the old girl is barely puttering along.

I started tomato seedlings and continued working with the brassicas. David is in charge of beets, turnips and peas.

There were two more vendors at market this week than last, Good Foods and Karen. Apparently Full Circle Farm lost 3 high tunnels and some other structures to 30” of snow. When ours collapsed David said he could not believe we were the only ones. It turns out we were very lucky; our crops sustained very little damage and our tunnels were fixable.

Because of slightly warmer temperatures and a bit more sun our greens put on some growth. We took more greens to market then we had been bringing and we sold out in less than an hour.


David working in greenhouse after crawling out from under the truck


Week of February 16th – 22nd 


After clearing the snow off the collapsed tunnels we surveyed the damage. There were only a few broken leaves nothing major. David managed to get the roof back up on the high tunnel on Sunday and planted some pea seedlings in it later in the week. Hopefully, it will stay up for another month.

We went to market on Tuesday with our greens and some bread. Besides Sedulous Seed we were the only vendors there. We sold out before 5 pm and went home.

After David planted out the pea seedlings he started a second round in trays. I transplanted a lot of Asian greens from germination trays to cell packs.                 

  David also did some modeling this week.



Despite 21 ” of snow and a tunnel collapse Mazuna and friends are alive and thriving.



Week of  February 9th – February 15th ( David’s Birthday) 


On Monday, David had another CT scan and saw the surgeon on Wednesday. David’s surgery will be on the 10th of March. He should be ready for farm work by the middle of April.

We went to market on Tuesday. Because the plants in the tunnels responded well to a few days of sunshine, we had more greens than usual. However, Wednesday night the tunnels collapsed because of 13”of snow. We had 8 more inches fall after the initial storm. David shoveled snow for two days. On Friday he finally was able to clear the snow off the tunnels.

Earlier in the week David built some shelves in the greenhouse. They are much better than the blocks and boards we had been using.


Looks can be deceiving.


Once the snow was removed the low tunnel slowly started to rise.


The high tunnel did not fare as well. The roof snapped of at the joints. Hopefully we can rebuild it before March 10th.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                   New shelves in greenhouse



Week of  February 2nd – February 8th 


David continued to increase the height of the electric fence. He also mixed a load of potting soil.  Another seed order came in, more beets, tomatoes and flowers. I found some old nasturtium seeds. After soaking them over night I pressed them into a tray of  tadoot-dadoos  filled with potting soil (see Frankenfarmer). I transplanted some Stonehead cabbage into cell packs. They should be ready for market by the first or second week of March. In two more weeks I will start to germinate tomato seeds. 

stonehead                                                                                          Stonehead cabbage  seedlings

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Asian greens                                          


nmore asian vegtabln


Week of January 26 – February 1st 


We managed to get to Tuesday’s market  and made it home before the snow messed up the roads.

David continued to work on the electric fence and started some peas and beets.

I sowed more brassica seed.


29 Jan. Wednesday after market


Week of January 19th  – January 25th


This week we ordered and received seed from Baker Creek. BC is a very reliable company.

David started his onion seeds in germination trays. He also built and filled 3 growing beds in the greenhouse to hold his onions when they are big enough to transplant from the germination trays. Later he will move his onions from the greenhouse to beds outside.   I transplanted some greens into these beds to utilize them while waiting for the onions to grow.


A few of David’s onions making an appearance.


Some odds and ends that I planted in the new growing beds.




Week of January 12th  – January 18th


This week David started to rework the electric fence surrounding our main growing area. He is doubling its height for better deer management.

He also moved more dirt from the site of the old raised bed to the new one.



making loop for gate


gate handle and loop for closing



moving more dirt to the new raised bed




Week of January 5th  – January 11th


Despite the Polar Vortex David did manage to get some garden jobs started this week.

For several reasons we decided to move the raised bed, which is next to the greenhouse.

  1. It is worthless during the winter months, all shade no sun.
  2. The roots of the trees next to it were growing up into the bed.
  3. Raised beds dry more quickly after wet weather and they are easy to cover.
  4. This raised bed is better suited to our main growing area.

The old driveway will once again become our container garden.


Thursday David finally managed to pry the blocks from the frozen dirt.


new site for raised bed



Week of December 29th – January 4th


This week David finished his chemo and radiation treatments. Now I have a long list of jobs for him to accomplish before he has his surgery in several weeks. Unfortunately the weather is not conducive to working outside so we started our Spring Cleaning inside.

Our youngest gave David a microscope for Christmas. So now David is rearranging his study to accommodate it and his biological studies.

We did manage to harvest a few things for market on Tuesday. We sold out early and went home.