Have Mower Will Cut


Farm Journal – week of

June 25 2017 – July 1 2017


The Crew – Last but not Least

She waddled down the hill; it was a wonder how her very short legs could support such a massive body. Her breathing was labored and she would collapse when she arrived at her destination.  The Vet put her on a diet; it did not seem successful. Older Dachshunds have a tendency to be overweight.

Once, when her family was away, her house was burgled. Her owners found her shoved into a closet trembling with fright. She was not much of a watchdog, but she was loved by all. This alone made her uniquely qualified to be our mascot.



David put on the first string of his black-eyes and planted his Roma beans. This row is a little straighter.
















One of my weekly chores is to mow the grass.