The Crew – The Barefoot Woman of the Fields


Farm Journal – week of

June 11 2017 – June 17 2017


She grew up in the next valley over. She survived the ravages of the polio epidemic, but some in her family were not as fortunate. She developed a strong work ethic by helping to take care of her family and doing farm chores.  When she moved to our valley, where she settled with her husband, her father’s name helped to get her a job at the farm. She was very pragmatic. After a rain storm, one would find her working in the fields barefoot, to keep from muddying her shoes.

After putting in a full day up at the farm, she would return to the valley to care for her husband and her home. A large part of her home chores, during the growing season, was canning. She loved putting up the season’s bounty and was very proud of her impressive larder.

She was a loving and faithful employee for many years. After the old farmer passed, she helped to care for his ailing wife until she succumbed six months later.










This week David tilled the area for the sweet potatoes.

Then he raked the dirt into mounds






He dug up the plants from the growing bed










and planted them out.