The Crew – The Preachers


Farm Journal – week of

June 4  2017 – June 10 2017


The old farmer for whom we worked, back in the late seventies and early eighties, came from a big farm family, several boys and two girls. During the season, especially at harvest, two of his brothers, both preachers, would make their way up the mountain to help out.

The kind, easy-going, amiable brother usually brought his good-natured wife. Although they both had health issues, they both worked long and hard without complaint.

The youngest brother, on the other hand, was a holier than thou preacher who preferred to operate the farm machinery than to get down from his high horse and labor on the ground with the underlings and who, camouflaging his arrogance with pseudo piety, was very longwinded when it came to saying grace before a community meal prepared by the participants and served in the farmer’s house. This preacher’s wife was rarely seen at the farm, but would always make an appearance at the end of season celebratory meal, which was usually held at a local restaurant where the old farmer footed the entire bill.

Since the preacher’s wife worked full-time for a major corporation, it was understandable that she was not part of the farm crew. Her participation at special dinners, however, was met with eye rolls and quips from her female in-laws as she sat there, haughty and stiffed back, referring to her husband as “The Reverend” and projecting herself as the long suffering wife of a man who has to beg for a living and performs mundane chores for his brother. It was quite evident that she considered herself to be the better of everyone in the room, including her husband.

Her husband was a major pompous ass.  Nonetheless, since we all incurred his wife’s disdain, he was our pompous ass and aside from the smirks, side glances and groans when he made pious proclamations, he was liberally tolerated by the crew.




This week David cleaned up and tilled the former onion bed.


Then he planted black-eyed peas.









He also put bird netting over the blueberry bushes.