Raspberry Morning


Farm Journal – week of

May 28 2017 – June 3 2017


Back in the day when our mini farm was part of a larger commercial operation we harvested black raspberries for the aging farmer in early June. Around 7 am, or earlier, the picking crew would sit on the edges of a flatbed jeep, each holding on for dear life, while our one armed driver, a stroke survivor, would juggle his good left arm between the shifter and the steering wheel while working his way up the steep and winding dirt road to the top of the mountain.

The morning air was always cool and crisp. Everyone started their picking chore wearing flannel shirts. By the time we finished harvesting the several long rows, our shirts would be tied around our waists and shorter sleeves were revealed.




David harvested most of the Spring Onions from this bed for market. The few that are left, among the weeds, will make their way to our kitchen. After Davids cleans up this area he will plant sweet potatoes and black-eyed peas in it.


Sweet potato in growing bed waiting to go out.

The black-eyed peas are waiting as well.
















Since we grow a lot of our plants in containers David spent a considerable amount of time, this week, mixing dirt and filling pots. 




David also planted our second round of summer squash.