The Plan

Farm Journal – weeks of

Dec 4  2016 – Dec 31 2016



We have not had a vacation since 2008 and have been attending market, year round, since 2011. We have decided to take some time off. We are taking the month of January to do some traveling. We are in the process of cleaning out the greenhouse and the tunnels. The plan was not to have any plants growing while we are roaming the countryside, however, our cabbage did not cooperate. Stonehead cabbage is supposed to be ready in seventy days but it has been growing longer then that and is just starting to head.16_1222_fj_plan

Tuesday December the 27th will be our last market until March.

In February we will start up the greenhouse and tunnels. We are planning on returning to the West End Market sometime in March. If the cabbage survives a month of neglect we will be bringing it to market then.




next spring