After the Frost


Farm Journal – week of

Nov 13 2016 – Nov 19 2016





We had our first frost on Sunday the 13th.

The Marigolds were hit hard.



Now that the tunnels are covered, the sides need to be rolled up on nice days.16_1117_fj_tunnels3








David is dumping all of the pole bean and pea pots onto a plot he is currently working up.

Because the tiller repair is progressing slowly, he is working this ground up with a shovel.

David acknowledged that he is feeling this job in his abs.16_1117_fj_dig216_1117_fj_dig316_1117_fj_dig4


16_1118_fj_shed2The roof of the garden shed has been leaking. David donned his roofer’s cap and started to work on it. When he went to get some wood from the basement a stream of water met him; a cold water pipe was leaking. Now he will have to don his plumber’s cap as well.  16_1118_fj_shed



next spring