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Preparing for Spring


Farm Journal – week of

29th November – 5th December 2015


David ordered his onion seeds this week. We are expecting their arrival next week at which time David will start to germinate them. He is also going to try fava beans again this year.

12515_fj_main5 December – Another frosty morning that has turned into a warm day. So far this fall has been so mild that we are still finding ripe strawberries, a little bit hard but eatable.

12515_fj_greenhouseCape Gooseberry, a volunteer tomato plant and Nasturtiums growing in our, as yet, unheated greenhouse.

After two days of downpours we realized that, because of our new roof and efficient gutter and downspout systems, the rain runoff needed to be directed away from the house.

Eventually, I want a rain barrel to catch the water from this spout and direct it into the greenhouse.




Coming Spring 2016.

West End Community Market

 Today – Tuesday – 3 pm until 6 pm


What is growing?

Purple Cauliflower

113015_market2 What is coming to market today?  

Homegrown Produce  

  • Greens – mustard, Japanese Red mustard, Black kale, Scarlet kale, Mizuna, Red Mizuna, Ruby Streaks Mizuna, and baby kale
  • Brassica –  Stonehead cabbage and purple cabbage
  • Root Crops – White Lady Turnips


Also Available

This will be our 5th Christmas Season that we are offering  homegrown handmade Holiday Wreaths.



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