Preparing for Winter


Farm Journal – week of

6th December – 12th December 2015









This week David has donned his handyman cap. Because the weather has been so mild and we can open the windows; David has been painting inside. He also worked on the wood burning stove, in the garden shed, and its chimney pipe.










Normally, at this time of year, our greenhouse is teaming with life. However, because of a major aphid infestation, all of the radishes that I had cultivated in the growing beds and most of the hot pepper plants that I was over wintering on the shelves had to be removed. I still have a few chard, cardoon(this is their second winter) and three hot pepper plants (I have had these for several years). If I can not control the aphids on these plants they will have to go as well. We need a clean house for germinating and growing our Spring and Summer crops.121215_fj_greenhouse


root balls of the hot pepper plants – after the dirt is knocked off and add to the former cabbage bed these plants will be put into the compost pile.




Coming Spring 2016.