Farm Journal – week of

19th July – 25th July 2015



72315_fj_compostDavid reworked his compost pile.

After sifting the usable compost, to remove large particles, he spread it on bed B. The dirt in this bed is as hard as calculus and the addition of the compost should help organic organisms multiply by division.72315_fj_compost2

72315_fj_beansSince the bean beetle larva and the BMSB population have increased exponentially in one of David’s Derby bean rows and on my Chinese Red noodle bean vines, which are next to it, David cut both rows down and put them on the bottom of his new compost pile. The idea is to burn the little devils up.



Besides doing my weekly chores of tending tomatoes plants and preparing for our markets I managed to process the apple butter and make some dilly beans with the Red Chinese Noodle beans left over after Tuesday’s market.












Here is the recipe I used for the dilly beans.



David started picking his black-eyed peas.