Farm Journal – week of

14th June  – 20th June 2015


This week David  picked a lot of beans and set out more bean plants.61815_fj_picking

All of our large beds are full so David has started putting his bean plants in our smaller planting areas, like the one to the right of his head and the former carrot bed below.62015_fj_beans61815_fj_bedA

My heirloom tomatoes really appreciated getting the snow peas off their backs as well as a good weeding and hoeing.














Catawba61815_fj_catawba_tillLast week, because the critters were eating our October and Lima beans, we put a makeshift fence of agricultural cloth around them. Unfortunately the wind had its way with the structure and it did not stop the munching marauders. This week David ran an electric fence around the beans and black eyes peas. Hopefully this will keep the little devils at bay.