It’s Official!


This Week




one of the first pea buds of the season








The tilling season officially started this week; the ground was finally dry enough to work. David tilled under the groundcover in two areas. In one patch I planted more brassicas.  The other space is reserved for David’s beans. He started his first rotation yesterday, in cell packs, and plans to set them out the first of May.


I germinated more seeds, transplanted tomato seedlings from germ trays into 4paks and filled in some vacancies in the tunnels with plants. I also planted a bed of Mizuna, only to have some voles eat the tops down. Since the neighborhood cat has moved these small rodents are becoming a major problem. We put out traps for the little devils and caught several. Hopefully, the Mizuna will grow back.


Main Garden 8:30 this morning – new brassica bed in front of tunnel A to the left of the arbor