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Arms Race? – Peas!









David’s peas are doing well but mine are doing better. He may produce more but mine, because they are different, will have a unique flavor and distinctive look.



Last Week


Lucas helped his dad set up the new growing bed yesterday.


Although David was incapacitated on Thursday and Friday, due to a medical procedure, he did manage to get some work done on the other days. He weeded the strawberries, worked around his peas and transplanted some more of his specialty onions. Apparently, he started more onions this year than last  because he had to build another growing bed to accommodate all of them.

longer Days


31715_fj_onionAfter market David still had  time, before sunset, to transplant some of  his onions from germination trays into the growing beds in the greenhouse.







West End Community Market

Today –Tuesday – 3 pm until 6 pm

What is growing?

31715_market_chardSwiss Chard before harvest

Homegrown Produce  –  Picked Today

  • greens –  Green, Red and Ruby Streaks Mizuna, bags of greens -baby spinach, collards, mixed mustard (frilly, purple, mizuna) Swiss chard and mixed Kale (black and Blue Scotch)
  • root crops – radishes (pulled yesterday)
  • peppers  –
  • fresh herbs


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West End Community Market

Tomorrow –Tuesday – 3 pm until 6 pm

Don’t Forget!

We will harvest tomorrow, in the morning, before market.

 Check back, tomorrow, for a list of the freshly picked produce that  we will be bringing to  the West End Market.  


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“Pretty Freaking Amazing”


Changing of the Guard


At this time of year, after growing in the winter tunnels all season, the brassicas are starting to bolt or go to seed. This was expected; that is why we have seedlings in the greenhouse waiting to take their place.


I harvested all the purple pak choi and carrots, from the greenhouse growing beds to make way for David’s onions. There are still a few mustard plants and radishes remaining. The radishes will be harvested for Tuesday’s market, but the mustards will hold their ground, for now.





This week I started more tomato seeds and transplanted our early tomatoes, which I started the 8th of February, into cell packs.





Besides setting out his pea seedlings, David put in a row of white egg turnips. He guesstimates that he planted close to 2,000 seeds. Unfortunately, not all will come to fruition. Because we expect the spinach to bolt, in the near future, he set the turnip row very close to that row and covered the turnip seeds with compost.


Grandin Village Community Market


Don’t forget! West End Community Market is open every

Tuesday from 3 pm until 6 pm all year-long.

See you there.


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