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It’s So Cold I’m Turning Blue.



West End Community Market

No market for us today.


8 o’clock am – 8.5 inches – 20°- gray skies

We are not sure about the other vendors.

Check LEAP’s West End Site.

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Tomorrow’s Market?

Because of the impending weather we are not sure about attending market tomorrow.




West End Community Market

Tuesday – 3 pm until 6 pm


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Fresh Homegrown Tomatoes

No, not yet, but…

Yesterday our son Lucas and his girlfriend came in from the DC area for David’s birthday tomorrow. On the way down they stopped by Harrisonburg and picked up our last seed order for spring.

After a quick inventory of my tomato seeds, this morning, I have the potential to produce ninety varieties.

I will start to germinate these tomato seeds next weekend.

Think Spring!   Think Summer!  

Think Homegrown Tomatoes!

33 days

GW360H240some of our regular varieties that we grow and sell 

Before the Arctic Blast

This week besides harvesting for and going to market, maintaining the tunnels and fretting about the impending Arctic Freeze, we have been preparing for Spring. David took advantage of the warmer days this week and washed and bleached planting trays and cell packs. He also prepared the growing medium to fill them with.

I started more germination trays, transplanted seedlings from germination trays to cell packs and made up a number of Tadoot-dadoos for single seed germination.

fj_11215_trans                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        After lifting a clump of seedlings from the germ tray they are teased apart and inserted into the dirt in a cell.




Paper towel tubes are flatten, cut into four pieces and squared. Squared tubes fit into the tray better than round ones.



A tray holds 48 cells or 72 squared tubes.

West End Community Market

Today –Tuesday – 3 pm until 6 pm

What is growing?


germination trays and seedlings basking in the weekend sun

Homegrown Produce  –  

  • greens  – Ruby Streaks Mizuna, a few Tatsoi, bags of mixed mustard, mixed kale, chard, collards, baby spinach and cabbage hearts
  • root crops –  radishes  
  • peppers  – Thai hot
  • fresh herbs – arugula


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Another Great One!

This weekend we are rolling up the sides of the tunnels. Next weekend we will probably have to double cover everything because the forecast is predicting cooler temperatures.


All the green Mizuna, in tunnel C, was harvested last week. The collard pots are taking their place, temporarily, while we are waiting to set out pea seedlings in this spot.

Don’t Forget!

Tuesday – 3 pm until 6 pm

West End Community Market