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Last year, February the 19th, our high and low tunnels succumbed to the weight of accumulating snow; they collapsed in on themselves. Luckily they fell in such a way that our plants were not damaged. This year David has been very diligent about keeping the tunnels snow free, however, it has been the single digit and subzero temperatures that have been the bane of this winter’s growing season.

Because of Monday’s and Tuesday’s weather forecast we decided to harvest on Sunday. We enjoyed a heat wave of 50°. It was the first day I had a good look at the condition of our plants since we were inundated with snow and artic temperatures. As usual spinach is the champion of survivors with mizuna, kale and mustard being close seconds. All of our smaller plants that I set out a few weeks before the Arctic Blast were damaged and the black kale, which has been established for months, is not faring well. Once again we will adopt a wait and see attitude before removing anything.

We are very optimistic about next week’s forecast.  David is planning on setting out the pea seedlings in the tunnels this weekend and I am starting to germinate my tomato seeds today; it will take them about a week to emerge.

 24 days