What is the Difference?

High Tunnels and Greenhouses


The basic difference between these growing houses, for winter production, is heat. High tunnels are unheated and  growers use nature and covers to control the environment in their tunnels, while greenhouse growers use some type of fuel, such as wood, oil or natural gas, to produce heat.

Our greenhouse is a lean-to that is next to our basement. Fans blow the warm air, produce by our oil furnace, from the basement into the greenhouse. However, for extra protection, on very cold nights, we move our growing trays and pots into the basement.


After spending a cold night in the warmer basement our seedlings are moved into the sunlight.



The pea seedlings are ready to be planted in the tunnels but for now  they have to wait for warmer weather.



We grow cold tolerant plants , like kale and Mizuna, in our Winter Tunnels. We double cover them, on extremely cold nights, and hope for the best.