There is more than one way to cook an egg.


  1. We do not use synthetic pesticides on our crops.
  2. If it becomes absolutely necessary, such as a Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Infestation or tomato blight, we will use products that are certified and approved for Organic farming.
  3. We do not spray or dust our leafy greens with anything, expect holes.
  4. We do not cover our crops with row covers for extended periods of time. Despite current propaganda we believe row covers are not environmentally sound.
  5. We do not use plastic mulch, oil based or plant based, for the same reason.
  6. When available we use natural products, straw, hay, leaves, wood chips, etc. for mulch.
  7. We use cover crops for living mulch and green manure.
  8. We compost all of our kitchen and garden waste.
  9. We use this compost to enrich our growing plots.
  10. We also use porcine blood meal, bone meal and green sand as fertilizer. All of these products are approved for Organic farming.
  11. Because organic fertilizer is slow release, if it becomes absolutely necessary, we will use small amounts of synthetic fertilizer to give under preforming plants a quick boost.
  12. We practice crop rotation and biodiversity.
  13. Some of the seed we use are organic, most are not. Seeds that were conventionally grown do not reproduce the chemicals with which they were sprayed. If they did the GMO businesses would not exist today.

To be continued…

We are constantly reevaluating our methods. Although we are but two dots among billions we understand our practices have an impact beyond our property line.


  There is more than one way to cook an egg. There is more than one way to farm sustainably. This is our way not the only way.