Chapter 1- A Surreal Journey


David was diagnosed with rectal cancer on the 30th of September. After  50 days of testing and waiting, he has finally started his treatment. He had his first of 30 radiation treatments Monday and he started his 24hr. portable chemo medi-port  treatment yesterday, Tuesday.

David is a strong healthy man of 59 who has had annual checkups including stool checks for over 10 years. He had no family history of rectal cancer so he delayed getting a colonoscopy. It was only after a vigorous rough and tumble basketball game with our sons on Father’s day of this year that the symptom of rectal bleeding appeared.

According to (UPI)* about 1-in-3 U.S. adults, ages 50 to 75 have not been  tested for colorectal cancer. If you are in this group Get Tested!



Many thanks to all who have given us food, trinkets, handmade mugs, offers of help, and monetary assistance. They are much appreciated.

Thank you

David and Constance                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


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Manny of our benefactors will be at the 2013 Catawba Valley Holiday Market this Saturday, November the 23, from 9 – 4 in the Catawba Community Center. Check it out!